who we are

Italian hearth in the middle of Thailand

The Group

“The jewellery mosaic is the art of combining glass, stone and ceramic fragments with precision, meticulousness and mastery to create unique and elegant objects, kaleidoscope of brilliant and luminous shapes and colours.

It has been part of the creative and artistic history of human beings for more than 5,000 years.

It comes from the greek word “mousa”, an entity that is a source of inspiration, creativity and passion.”

Mosaic Jewelry Group was born with the same spirit, skillfully combining different souls because of its international essence.

The Italian management has its roots in the national goldsmith tradition, merging creativity, craftsmanship, design, elegance and style.

The production process, achived entirely in our factory in Bangkok in the GEMOPOLIS district, an international vibrant center for jewellery market, guarantees the quality and safety of our creations, made with precision, meticulousness and cutting-edge technology.

The owner of the company is Mystic Jewelery, an Australian company with many years of presence on the luxury market, that inspires our organization and management of all business processes.

We respond to the needs of our customers, whether they are producers, resellers or retailers, accompanying them in all phases of the production process: from conception/design, to 3D modeling, to industrial scale production, up to delivery and post-sales assistance.
Our customers who need to create productions both starting from existing models or starting from the elaboration of a new idea, find in Mosaic Jewelry a reliable and skilled, available and openminded partner.