Mosaic jewelry

Mosaic Jewelry is a manufacturing group whose roots lie in the classic goldsmith tradition, under the direction of an Italian management with thirty years of experience in the jewelry luxury craftsmanship, and the holding of Mystique Jewellery, an historic high jewelry company based in Australia.

The quality and accuracy of our production model is based on the exquisite integration of creativity, design, craftsmanship, engineering and cutting-edge technology.

Attention to detail, dedicated and impeccable customer service, the pursuit of continuous improvement in all production and delivery processes, make us a strategic partner for our worldwide customers, both in the retail and wholesales jewelry market.

Our all-in house production factory is located in Bangkok, Thailand in the GEMOPOLIS district, one of the most important center of world jewelery production.

Why choose us

Our stretegic elements


    We believe in responsible luxury; we continually seek solutions and strategies that reduce the socio-environmental impact of our production. We adopt and share the guidelines provided by the Responsible Jewelery Council, using sustainable raw materials, guaranteeing respect for ethical and social values and the protection of the rights and integrity of the Person.

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    The accurate definition of the production processes and the scrupulous attention to detail in the different manufacturing phases, from the choice of certified materials to the latest generation technology used, to the constantly updated expertise of our craftsmen, guarantee that our jewels meet the highest international quality standards.

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    Innovative design, creativity and the historic tradition’s values of Italian goldsmithing, which have always been considered a symbol of elegance and refinement, are an integral part of our roots and our history. These elements permeate each of our creations, making it a unique and original piece.

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