A sustainable and responsible luxury


We believe in the respect for the centrality of the human being as an individual and as the social and natural environment in which he lives.

In our manufacturing process we are always looking for solutions and strategies that reduce the socio-environmental impact.

We use raw materials from suppliers who guarantee and certify the origin: that they do not come from conflict zones, that are obtained with sustainable systems and in compliance with fair working conditions.

The use of lab-grown gemstones, which have the same chemical, physical and visual characteristics as those extracted in mines, is a choice to protect the environment.

We agree with and adopt the guidelines provided by the Responsible Jewelley Council (RJC), an internationally recognized Organization that defines the ethical , social and environmental responsibility standards for the jewelery market, covering the entire supply chain, from mine to retail.

Our core value our associate; we have defined internal ethical standards that guarantee the protection of labor rights, respect for the integrity of the person, the maintenance of a pleasant and safe workplace.

The motivation, inspiration and professional growth of the people who work with us are strategic objectives that we pursue by defining personalized policies of training.

All our activities are carried out with an ethical sense and responsibility, do not involve children or protected categories and comply with current legislation, avoiding any form of corruption, explicit or implicit, or illegal financial activities.