our values

The jewelery industry is constantly evolving and market trends, production techniques, sales models and customer relation channels change rapidly.


We invest regularly in cutting-edge technologies and the review of business processes in  the aim of continuous improvement; that allow us to adapt to changes in a safe and reliable way.


The increase in company know-how through the continuous training of our collaborators, supported by the latest generation technological infrastructure, and the constant searching for innovative materials and production processes, makes us a reliable and competitive player on the luxury jewelery market.

We believe that sustainable and responsible luxury is possible.


For this reason in the manufacturing process of our jewels we are always looking for solutions and strategies that reduce the socio-environmental impact.


We use raw materials guaranted and certified by trustable and long-term supplier.

The use of lab-grown gemstones is a choice to protect more the environment.


We agree with and adopt the guidelines provided by the Responsible Jewelley Council (RJC) (we are completing the audit to obtain the certification).


We believe our associates are the core value of Mosaic Jewelry Group.

All our activities are carried out with an ethical sense and responsibility, guarantee the respect of labour rights and of the person as individual, promoting their growth in professional and personal way.

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Our management has been active in the high jewelery industry for more than thirty years and it comes from Italy.


Our roots lie in the Italian goldsmith craftmanship tradition, known all over the world for its quality and excellence in terms of creation and manufacture.


The Italian Style, recognized for elegance, refinement and design is part of our DNA.

Creativity, originality, style, attention to detail characterize the production of our jewels.


Thanks to a highly skilled team of people, involved in a continuous training process to preserve and transmit the principles and values ​​of the classic goldsmith production tradition, and a latest generation manufacturing technology, our creations are unique objects, made according to the most high quality standards existing today.

We believe that diversity is a value and the integration and balance between our different souls is a core strength of Mosaic Jewelry Group.


The virtuoso mix of Italian creativity and entrepreneurial ability, with the organizational and managerial ability from  Anglo-Saxon tradition and thanks to the technological expertise and ability and accuracy in the goldsmith craftsmanship of the “Land of free men”, allows us to create unique, accurate and highly valuable jewels designed to last over time.


Quality, creativity, professionalism, the ability to manage the manufacturing process from the idea of a jewel to delivery to the customer, and favorable costs, thanks also to the fact that we operate within the Tax-Free area of ​​Bangkok, make us competitive and reliable.

Security and reliability are fundamental in business relationships; in a delicate sector such as that of luxury jewelry, being able to trust in customers, partners and suppliers is a essential prerequisite for being able to start shared projects.


We are a young group, created by a historic Australian jeweler to meet its production needs with quality, safety and with adequate timing. We make this experience available to our customers.


The precious gemstones and metals we use come from established suppliers who guarantee their originality and provenance.


All phases of the production process of a jewel, from its idea to the realization up to the delivery, can be monitored.
Our customer service team provides multilingual assistance in English, Thai, Italian and Spanish.


We chose GEMOPOLIS, the Bangkok district dedicated to the goldsmith industry, as the headquarters of our Group, not only because it is a TAX-FREE area, but above all because it is one of the safest places in the world to sell, buy and manufacture gold and jewellery.


The anglo-saxon organizational model and the italian entrepreneurial capacity guarantee the consistency and reliability of our Group; we consider our customers as partners with whom to share a journey together.


We are RJC certified because we believe it is of fundamental importance to always respect people, the environment and values.

We believe in relationships. Our strategy is to have reliable suppliers and collaborators who follow us in our growth path. We define stable and long-lasting relationships with those who supply us with raw materials, guaranteeing their quality, authenticity, delivery times and competitive prices.


Our management ensures that the values ​​and know-how of the Italian goldsmith tradition are passed on to our work teams.


From the conception and design phase of the jewel to the final realization, we can count on highly specialized technicians and master goldsmiths.
Thanks to a continuous training activity, the skills and craftsmanship of our people guarantee a service of the highest level, in terms of creativity, care and accuracy.


We use latest generation technologies such as CAD, 3D printers, microscopes and laser micro-welders in order to ensure the best quality in all stages of production.
All phases of the production process are monitored and subjected to punctual and rigorous quality check.


We think  that consistency, durability and reliability are based on the creation of a SYSTEM of stable relationships with our customers and our suppliers where Mosaic Jewelry Group is the link, a reliable partner to create innovative, unique projects with style to last over time.